3D visualization

Perfect tool for us designers and for the customer, as you have the opportunity to take a look at what will come.

The art of creating a photorealistic image, gives the project different communication skills, managing to express the values that you want to convey to the customer.

Interior 3D visualization services workflow:

– the customer must provide an accurate list of his needs. Designers usually provide us with 3D models, sketches or drawings, moodboards and examples of finishing materials (photos, samples);

– modeling;

– setting the camera position;

– light setting;

– material setting;

– colour image (rendering);

– post production;

The price of interior 3D visualization services depends on:

– materials supplied,

– delivery times, the average time is 10 working days (depending on the scale of the project);

– the number of views,

– the complexity of geometry,

– surrounding environment;

– number of revisions;


3D product

The rendering of the product is ideal for expressing the design characteristics, textures and surfaces of various objects, from its multiple finishes to configurations.

What are the advantages of 3D product visualization?

– to create product prototypes and make strategic improvements in the design development stages;

– communicate the product in different versions, in the various platforms from the site, social, events and exhibitions;

The price of rendering the 3D product depends on the materials and complexity of the input information.